Our goal at Optica Rosal 21 is to stand out by offering service that is unequivocally unique and special.


Optometrist with a degree in optometry from the Complutense University of Madrid. Her extensive professional background is characterised by an exquisite taste for innovation and an exhaustive analysis of the latest trends. Over the last decade she has been exclusively focused on finding the highest quality and the most avant-garde designs. She travels all over the world to the leading trade fairs and selects the glasses, pair by pair, to bring back to our shop along with the prescription lenses that will help our customers see the world more clearly.


Coolhunter by vocation, he graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and Interior Design from the University of Sao Paulo and trained as an optician’s assistant. An expert in fashion and design, he acts as a consultant to Optica Rosal21. He works with Elena choosing the collections, with great enthusiasm and expertise given his background in design and his knowledge of materials and production techniques.


With a degree in Optometry from the European University of Madrid, she is in charge of the Technical Department. Her role is to design the lenses to satisfy patients’ needs and oversee the shop’s onsite laboratory. She is an expert in technological growth and the person in charge of the Contactology Department